Your Honor (US)

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A judge confronting his deepest convictions when his son is involved in a hit and run that embroils an organized crime family. He faces a series of impossible choices and discovers how far a father will go to save his sonís life.

Season 2

10 Episodes

TBA 2x10
Mar 19 2023
TBA 2x09
Mar 12 2023
TBA 2x08
Mar 05 2023
Feb 26 2023
Feb 19 2023
Feb 12 2023
Oliviaís plan to get Michael closer to the Baxters seems to be working when he gets invited to Jimmy Baxterís 50th birthday party. There, he witnesses the return of legendary gangster Carmine Conti, the father of Gina. Eugene makes a selfless decision to repay Little Mo for his kindness, but his good deed threatens to expose massive corruption across the power structure of New Orleans.
Feb 05 2023
Michael Desiato resists a request from Fia, but Olivia Delmont pushes him to exploit a newfound connection. Little Moís deal goes sour, leaving Eugene to pick up the pieces. A face-off between Michael and Jimmy results in a startling confession.
Jan 29 2023
Michael Desiato discovers a jaw-dropping secret. Olivia Delmont seizes an opportunity to push Michael to make a dangerous decision. Meanwhile, a desperate business deal hatched by Little Mo and the Desire Crew threatens Eugene and his low-key life on the run. Elizabeth shelters Michael while Big Moís big plans place her directly in the crosshairs of Gina.
Jan 22 2023
Picking up in the aftermath of a terrible accident, a grieving Michael Desiato is beyond hope. After fleeing the scene, Eugene is aided by unlikely benefactors, including new Mayor Charlie Figaro, Big Mo and the police. Jimmy Baxter looks to expand his criminal empire, while Gina Baxter channels her anger over her dead son. The arrival in town of Assistant U.S. Attorney Olivia Delmont will upend Michaelís life in ways he canít begin to imagine.
Jan 15 2023

Season 1

10 Episodes

Adam reels from new information about his motherís death. Eugene tries to get justice for his family. Carloís trial comes to an end, but Michael and Adamís secrets are dangerously unraveling.
Feb 14 2021
With pressure mounting, Michael finds an answer to keeping Carlo out of prison. While helping Adam with his relationship troubles, Charlie makes a shocking discovery.
Feb 07 2021
Jimmy puts pressure on Michael over Carloís trial. At a family dinner, Adam announces his future plans. Nancy and Lee discover some cops arenít what they seem.
Jan 31 2021
Michaelís solution to his blackmail problem unearths deeper troubles. Eugene finds family in Big Moís crew. Adamís secret is threatened to be outed by a problematic relationship.
Jan 17 2021
Adam spends the day with a dangerous new love interest, while Michael searches for his blackmailer. Lee ramps up her involvement in Kofiís case.
Jan 10 2021
Michael attempts to return to business as usual until he discovers that someone is blackmailing him. Jimmy Baxter and Gina Baxter remain committed to avenging their sonís death.
Jan 03 2021
Complicit in multiple lies and agonized by guilt, Adam moves from one dangerous liaison to another as tensions escalate. Elizabeth steps in to protect her grandson. Family dinner at the Desiatos is plagued by secrets and lies.
Dec 27 2020
Michael continues to use his power to obscure details of the accident as crime lord Jimmy Baxter and his wife Gina plot their revenge. Things arenít adding up for Lt. Nancy Costello in her investigation. Bad advice leads Kofi to make a bold move. Gina strikes a deal for her son Carlo.
Dec 20 2020
On the anniversary of his wifeís death, New Orleans Judge Michael Desiato and his son Adam create an alibi for the day of the accident. A favor for Michael pulls his close friends and colleagues Charlie and Lee into the web of deception. Kofi gets approached about a job.
Dec 13 2020
When his teenage son Adam is involved in a tragic accident, New Orleans Judge Michael Desiato is faced with an impossible decision that will impact his family forever, test the bonds with his oldest friend Charlie and put a strain on Adamís secret relationship with girlfriend Frannie. Dangerous crime lord Jimmy Baxter and his wife Gina Baxterís birthday gift puts their son Rocco on a collision course with tragedy.
Dec 06 2020